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Daniel Roquéo is a spiritual counselor as well as the founder of The Love & Light Store.

As a spiritual counselor Daniel lovingly and intuitively listens to and points invididuals toward the truth of their being, toward their true spiritual nature.

The purpose and the aim of spiritual counseling is for the individual to become free; free to live in Love, Joy, Peace, Abundance, Prosperity, and Divine Health regardless of external circumstances or situations.

In other words, through the counseling Daniel points his clients to become aware of the fact and truth that they are the answer to every challenge, issue, desire and dream that they have.

Daniel is also the founder of The Love & Light Store, a loving community for awakening individuals, individuals who seek to transform their lives through going within.

Each month The Love & Light Store moves, touches, inspires and empowers thousands of individuals worldwide to live and unfold in Love & Light.

Through studying contemporary teachers such as Michael Bernard Beckwith, Eckhart Tolle, and Bob Proctor, Daniel continues to venture deeper and deeper into that which is True and Real.

Just as the purpose of The Love & Light Store is to forever stand in the service of God for the Greater Good of all, so is this also the purpose of Daniel Roquéo and his life.