Free course: How to Master the Law of Attraction in 10 days

  • Are you tired of living your life struggling, settling, and merely making it through the day?
  • Do you want to change your life but don't know how?
  • Do you want to free yourself from worry, fear, and doubt where your future is concerned?
  • Do you want to free yourself of fear, worry, and doubt about the future?
  • Do you want the good that you desire to manifest with ease, and grace?

If your answer to any of those questions is Yes, this free course is for you!

How to master the Law of Attraction in 10 days is a powerful, course that will teach what you need to know to master the Law of Attraction, allowing the manifestation of what you desire to happen with ease, grace, and dignity.

How to master the LOA in 10 days

Through 6 powerful lessons that will be sent right to your email inbox, you will learn:

  • the fundamental principles of the Law of Attraction
  • what vibrational alignment is and what you need to do to reach it
  • the importance of having a big dream or vision
  • how the creative process works
  • why gratitude is the key that unlocks the Law of Attraction

Daniel Roquéo is a spiritual teacher, healer, and counselor. He is the host of the popular The Path to Freedom podcast, and is an acclaimed teacher on the two apps, Insight Timer and Aura Health.

He is also the founder of The Love & Light Store that serves, moves, touches, inspires, and empowers thousands of individuals across the globe every month.

Through this free course; How to Master the Law of Attraction in 10 days, he seeks to convey the fundamentals of the much talked about Law of Attraction - that you may begin learn everything you need to allow for the manifestation of whatever you desire to happen with ease and grace.

Daniel is a spiritual teacher, podcaster, author, and speaker.

With Love, compassion, and passion, he seeks to teach, move, touch, inspire, empower, and uplift individuals along the path of freedom; guiding and leading them to higher and higher levels of consciousness.

That they may be free…

Free from fear, worry, and doubt.
Free to follow their heart’s desires.
Free to live in Love, Joy, and Peace.

Regardless of circumstances

He has been studying the sacred laws that govern our universe for many years. Through this study, and through the application of the principles he has learned, he has created a beautiful life for himself and his family.

A life of joy, peace, abundance, and prosperity.

Though he has done the inner work himself, he owes all the wisdom to his two great teachers, Mr. Bob Proctor and Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith.

The essence of what they have taught him over the years with regards to the Law of Attraction, he will share with you in this online course.

That you too, may create a beautiful and fully satisfying life for yourself.

That you too may allow that which you desire to manifest with ease, grace, and dignity. Over and over again.